»Your work is so wonderful! It helped my sister and I open up to the amazing cosmic flow that my dad was entering with as little friction as possible. I think you had a really good impact on her! Thank you so much!« S.M., Iowa, USA  

»Ulrike is highly intuitive, and I was amazed at her ability to down-load such deep information from my current issues, to past life, to life-purpose. The healing energy was powerful. She has a tremendous gift!« F.F., Iowa, USA

»Before my Skype lesson with Ulrike I felt like my voice was in my throat, totally constricted. I noticed how as I progressed, something seemed to clear and I felt more centered in my body. At the end of my lesson I was singing with an ease in my throat and rest of body that I didn't know was possible.« C.T., Germany

»Ulrike helped my daughter and me tremendously. Her insights were spot on. She gave my daughter confidence, and a deep understanding of her role on earth, which made me see her in a whole new light. Ulrike's intuition is crystal clear. She saw chakra health. We felt deep release of karmic patterns, and karmic ruts were transcended. Our session with Ulrike put together the puzzles of my relationship with my daughter. I highly recommend Ulrike for a deep healing for any parent/child relationship!« L.M., Iowa, USA

»Thank you for helping me. Your timing was perfect, both Skype sessions changed my energy, and I felt my body, energy, and even my environment respond favorably immediately! I feel great, stronger and happier.« C.C., Vancouver, Canada

»Dearest Ulrike, I just wanted to let you know how much your healing helped me.  I received yet another zinger email on Sunday, this time from my piano students' parents.  But I was able to remember your analogy of being a queen, surrounded by cushions and padding and was able to keep my center and respond appropriately.  Thank you so much.  I really think you have a healing gift.« L.M. IA, USA.

»I walked into my first lesson with Ulrike having very little formal voice training, and before I knew it she had me feeling comfortable singing arias. With her simple techniques students will experience rapid improvement. Kia has an approach to teaching that makes singing accessible and understandable to anyone.« P.C., Denver, CL 

»This is beautiful, Ulrike, what I saw and heard from you tonight at the Art Walk. It BLEW me away. I know your dharma, if you don't!! You were 100% in your element. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and explaining our voice in such an understandable and doable way. This post of yours is in total harmony with what I saw tonight in you. I love you, and thank you. What style you have!!!!« S.R., Austin, TX, USA 

»Liebe Ulrike, Du bist grossartig! Dein Auftritt gestern war phantastisch. Du singst nicht nur exzellent, sondern kommst auch als Persoenlichkeit gut bei Deinem Publikum an. Das ist Dein Weg. Bitte mach weiter so, Du wirst viele Menschen gleucklich machen.« D.P., Germany

»Dear Ulrike, you rock.  Both classes I felt you were saying just what I need at this time, plus the creativity flowing from your expert guidance is fabulous.  When you gave the example about the mother lion you looked like a lion in a beautiful way. Merci, danke! «A.K., Iowa, USA

»Thank you so very much for the many gifts of your instructional performance last night... My family and I thoroughly enjoyed every fascinating, informative, entertaining and life improving minute. My deep respect and appreciation goes out to you for your knowledge and compassionate healing skills and sound/breath mastery.« S.K., Iowa, USA

»Your ability is amazing, to see all this from a picture. You are thousands of miles away, but you are always right about everything. You are able to see and find more than others do, even though they are right next to me.« S.B. Budapest, Hungary

»I love, love, love your workshop! I always felt I could use my voice more freely and just didn't know how! In the two hours with your healing guidance I feel transformed. Not only that my voice is stronger, but I feel so much lightness and groundedness and freedom in my body. It's as if so many issues that held me back, are gone. Thank you!« L.M. Fairfield, Iowa

»Thank you very much for your insights. I think you see very clearly what I am going through. It is exactly that.« A.L. Germany

»I was very aware that you are a powerful divine healer. The influence of your blessings were present on many levels that I know made a difference.« S.W. Iowa, USA

»When I came for my first lesson, I was a mess. I felt shy and insecure about my voice and never thought I had what it takes to perform in front of people. After just a few lessons, I gained the self-confidence, and naturalness in my body that opened my throat and made it possible for me to sing my first concert. Thanks so much, dear Ulrike!« M.S., IA, USA

»Thank you for the insights, they all resonate, as usual.« K.W. Portland, Oregon, USA

» I really feel nourished. I do get other types of healing too, but I did notice the immediate beneficial effect of yours on my physiology, what a powerful lady. I do agree with every single word. « M.C. Brittany, France

»Thank you, Ulrike! My session with you was very enlightening, both cognitively and viscerally. Thanks so much for giving your gifts!« T.B., Iowa, USA

»Ulrike, your tips are so wonderful in their simplicity/profundity.  Thanks for what you are doing!« K.M. VA, USA

»I had felt more and more afraid and hopeless over the past 20 years in my current relationship...« See me for more of testimonial.

»What a great session! I really felt you in your element - beautiful and powerful. I didn't realize so much would be like a reading! I wish I had recorded it - you said so much good stuff. And yes I do paint (how did you know?). I wish you could tell me all the highlights from the session!! So much good information!« T.W., New Zealand

»Oh, thank you! Beautiful, and very wise.  I really appreciate it, and every word you say makes sense!« C.M., Boulder, Colorado, USA

»I am usually skeptical about these less tangible methods of healing, of people's ability accessing higher powers. However, I have to admit I felt a certain lightness within myself as you were re-calibrating my chakras, like some sort of subtle transformation really was occurring. Afterwards I felt as if some heaviness had been removed and I could breath more effortlessly with less unnecessary mind activity.« G.T., Augsburg, Germany

»The palpable results of my session with Ulrike was a mental opening for new energies, the collection of my own energies and the building of my own inner strength. Ulrike handles her intuitive gift with a high degree of sensitivity and responsibility, without any kind of pressure or expectation towards the client or the session. She welcomed my participation through asking questions and following her expert guidance mentally and through a few simple physical exercises. Throughout Ulrike stayed highly alert and tuned in to me and what was presenting itself. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to clear out unwanted energies and moving on with their life!« B.B., Munich, Germany

»Ulrike is an amazing healer. She is so pure in thought, in word, in deed, in life-style, etc. She is a clear, clear channel and vessel of God's healing, not to mention her acute intuition and ability to tune in. Amazingly gracefully. I highly recommend her, as soon as possible, to have a session with you, in person or on skype, so you can see each other. Kia absolutely loves to do what she does because she sees transformations manifesting right before her eyes.« S.K., Texas, USA

»Ulrike helped me realize my own inner strength and find the courage to break the world record for the longest freestyle rap. (See Guinness Book of Worl Records) This involved improvising vocally for over 10 and a half hours straight. Through her intuitive expert healing I was able to perform this feat without fear or anxiety.« L. W., Artist/Performer, Iowa, USA

»What a great session! I really felt you in your element - beautiful and powerful. I didn't realize so much would be like an intuitive reading! I wish I had recorded it - you said so much good stuff. And yes I do paint (how did you know?). I wish you could tell me all the highlights from the session!! So much good information!« T.W., New Zealand

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